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This is tom. and this is my internets. I'll share it with you, just don't be a dick about it. Mostly music i like and comic stuff, but i like to dabble in a bit of awesome too. Anyway, SHAZAM!


This was my sequential sample portfolio I took to the San Diego Comic Con! The experience was amazing (my first SDCC) and I learned so much. Can’t wait to do it again! SHAZAM!


Swampert may be cute but look at how HAPPY this little mudkip is that you chose him!! it’s so thrilled! It has no idea what it’s doing but look at how happy it is doing it

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my seventeenth birthday is in a few weeks…and I’m actually kind of sad…i really like being sixteen

but if your sixteen you cant be the dancing queen

thank u little bread stick that made me feel better 


this is the best thing to happen to one of my text posts

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The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies [trailer] 

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